design process

  • Initial Phase
    • Site meeting with the client to understand his lifestyle and expectations for the project
  • Site inventory
    • Evaluate site for existing conditions including vegetation, drainage, views, soils, sun and wind exposure
    • Measure and photograph site
    • Transfer data to base map drawn to scale
  • Preliminary Design
    • Create and present conceptual sketches offering options based on client’s desires and budget
    • Presentation meeting to review conceptual sketches and hear client’s thoughts and directions
  • Final Plan
    • Produce plan incorporating client’s directions
    • Review and revise plan with client
    • Add the necessary plan details such as grading plan, lighting plan, construction plan and plant list to produce final document
  • Implementation
    • Guide and advise through bidding process
    • Site visits during construction to monitor progress and installation
    • Follow-up with client to insure satisfaction

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